Independent software development, based in Sheffield(UK).

The Lake District

I develop bespoke web applications for you.

Project Discovery

Working with you to understand your challenges, we'll work out the solution required.

Building the Solution

Working with Ruby, Elixir and Javascript for rapid & dependable development. I'll construct the components required to build your project.

Delivery & Support

Any project delivered contains a product to be maintained and improved upon.

In startups, it is important to validate ideas early.

Minimum Viable Product

Focus on the core idea, to establish your minimum viable product. Then strive to get something built as fast as possible.

Customer Feedback

Use customer discovery and feedback to improve your product and offering.

Iterate & Measure

Iterate, pivot & measure the changes, for your idea to grow into a success

With consulting, I study & analyse your problems.


Not everything is solved with new software. We'll collaboratively explore your issues.


Working with you, in planning your next steps. I can work with teams or individuals to coach and develop processes.


Alternatively we can honestly discuss and brainstorm a specific challenge within your business.